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3B innovative fibreglass solutions at ICERP

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3B-the fibreglass company displayed its innovative products for thermoplastics, wind and performance composites at Indian Reinforced Plastics Industry 2013 exhibition in Mumbai. The products included zero permeation lightweight (CNG) cylinder of 32 litre capacity and a leafspring manufactured using HiPer-tex™ glass fibre for the automotive sector, a ballistic plate highlighting 3B’s expertise in applications for the defence sector and an electrical insulator.

The company offers fibreglass solutions for numerable applications such as pressure vessels, ballistic protective armour, pipe rehabilitation, leaf springs and electrical insulators. It has recently received Germanischer Lloyd (GL) approval for its HiPer-tex™ W2020 high-performance direct roving and for SE2020 single end reinforcements used, principally for the manufacturing of non-crimped fabrics and FRP laminates for wind turbine blades and other applications

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