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3M Architectural introduces innovative lighting solutions

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US-based 3M Architectural Markets has introduced AIR and FLEX lighting solutions for the architecture and design community. The product includes flexible lighting fixtures that encourage creative customisation while also offering a cost-effective LED lighting. The light fixtures join a growing product line embodying the boutique business’s focus on innovative product design that prioritises both form and function.

Air is a flexible and lightweight hoop fixture available in a multitude of diameters and combinations of RGB colour output. This fixture creates wide bands of even light, and can be hung as a singular fixture or in a cluster to create a more dramatic statement. AIR uses energy-efficient, LED sources.

Flex is a customisable light fixture that can be suspended and curved to follow architectural lines and create unique, luminous installations along walls, ceilings or both. Eleven slender, lightweight connectable components using energy efficient LED sources can be mixed and matched for endless flexibility, and are available in standard or custom finishes.

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