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A Case Study of Green Mall

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Starting out as Carousel Center mall in 1990, the retail organization began expansion with a commitment to the environment. Having just celebrated the first anniversary as Destiny USA mall, it is now recognized as the largest Gold rated commercial retail building in the world.

Out of the 62 total points available, Destiny USA earned 36 to qualify for the Gold rating. It scored in categories of Sustainable site, Water Efficiency, Energy & Atmosphere, Material & Resources, Indoor Environmental Quality and Innovation in Design.

To address the local environmental issue, the mall chose to transform an environmental wasteland dubbed “Oil City.” The land was a former Brownfield Site, meaning it was severely environmentally damaged and dozens of hazardous oil drums were removed before the site was cleaned and construction began.

Destiny USA scored a 5/5 in the water efficiency category. Part of this included the implementation of innovative wastewater technologies. For example, each of the facility’s bathrooms is equipped with low flow sinks and toilet fixtures that contribute to the overall water efficiency. The water efficient landscaping includes indigenous plants that don’t need potable water and rainwater harvesting system that translates into a 78% reduction in the building’s baseline usage.


“ When you are talking about more than a million square feet of commercial retail space, Destiny USA is a an impressive project in terms of energy saved, water saved, resources saved, waste diverted and indoor environmental quality improved.”

– Rick Fedrizzi, Co-Founder of the USGBC

Additionally, Destiny USA required all retailers to obtain LEED© certification, aiming to exponentially increase the impact. It built a unique partnership with the USGBC to provide new retailers with a base set of points to work toward their certification.

To date, 33 venues, including the new restaurants and entertainment locations, have obtained LEED© certification, with another 30 pending approval. Seeing the rewards, many tenants have gone above and beyond simply getting certified and have set their sights on a Silver or Gold rating.


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