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A Centralised Database for Better Collaboration

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Steven Fruhwirth Senior Application Marketing Manager Project Delivery, Bentley Systems, Inc.

Contra Costa College in San Pablo, California, saves valuable time by centralising project information in the Cloud EADOC that connects the entire project team for improved collaboration, faster decision making and increased accountability.  A case-study on the same explains how.

Contra Costa College, the new US $52 mn, 108,379sqft campus consists of three new buildings that will define three outdoor campus spaces— an amphitheater, an eating area and a quad area for social activities. The project’s three buildings are for administration programmes, student activity programmes, food services and a bookstore; the Fireside Community Building, which provides flexible meeting space for campus groups and a three-level classroom building, including instruction rooms, faculty offices and a lecture facility.

To manage the project’s wideranging programme scope, the college district chose the EADOC capital project management system, a software that delivers portfolio, programme and project management capabilities to facility owners, programme managers and construction managers in an easyto-use, web-based system. EADOC saves a lot of time with the moving of information back and forth to the various entities involved with the project. One can actually spend that time dealing with other issues on the project, as opposed to paperwork.

Efficient Collaboration

The Contra Costa project team is using EADOC to centralise project information for all team participants and save valuable time that used to be spent processing, tracking and accessing project information. EADOC benefits by making it easier to collaborate with all the parties involved with the project through centralised database for RFIs (Request for Information) submittals, inspection reports, requests, daily logs, memos and meeting minutes, as well as PCOs, (Protocol Configuration Options). The IOR uses it for his inspections and the contractor uses it for their inspection requests, RFIs and PCOs. Weekly and daily reports are easily exported from EADOC to Excel.

Accountability and Transparency

EADOC records all actions performed on each document with a time/date stamp and user details, so the status and history of all documents is always available to project managers. The system can identify any outstanding documents – and who has them – to help keep all team members on track. It can check and see if somebody has opened a document that was sent to them. Also, there are notifications, so people immediately know that there is something in the system addressed to them. So they can quickly go to it.

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