A Happy Musing

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For those hungering for a dollop of happiness and thirsting for a swig of nostalgia, Me So Happi is the place to go. Located amid the bustle of Mumbai’s busiest high street, the all-day dining option is as much about the experience as the food.

In today’s world, one is constantly under stress and performance pressure. Here is a place that promises to bring a smile to your face. The concept launched by entrepreneur Aarathi Arambhan, aims to create moments of happiness by taking guests on a nostalgic journey and helping them rediscover the small joys in life.

The restaurant MeSoHappi gives a typical feel of a cafe where one can sit and chit chat for hours with friends. Conspicuously narrow at the entrance, the inside is spacious, warm and comforting yet, intriguing enough in its navy blue and rustic feel with wooden décor.

On entering, the interiors seem brightly lit up exuding a vibrant ambience. The walls are vibrant in their varied treatments, the decor items comprise of big random jars with toffees and all placed on colourful wooden shelves and quirky light fittings make the whole place striking. The seating comprises of elevated chairs and table, across long table running along the windows as well as some brightly upholstered cushioned seats adding to the eccentric setting.

Rhea Naidu, the former Executive Producer of “Benaras Media Works Pvt. Ltd,” a production house was in charge of all the creative and financial aspects of film development and production. Her many professional highlights are backed up by a depth of experience in the film industry where she has worked in several capacities with a number of renowned production houses. Designing the interiors for Me So Happi is her first forayinto interior decoration, something she has always been keen on doing. Aarathi adds, “Interior designing has always been a dream of Rhea’s and something she’s been passionate about for a long time now. That’s why I decided to give her the responsibility to design the interiors for Me So Happi. She has seamlessly incorporated the vision for the restaurant into the design and turning it into reality.”

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