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A New Smart Home

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The rebuilt residence of Gautam Dutta, CEO, PVR Cinemas in Gurgaon is designed for a luxurious yet an earthy feel with the balance of all five natural elements: air, wind, earth, light and sky. Moreover, the home consists of every element that is available in the name of eco living with energy conscious architecture. The house was rebuilt completely over a span of twelve months keeping all five elements in mind. The soul was then infused deftly keeping the contemporary and classic art contradicting the normal. The layout of the house, its structuring, interiors, and technology was borrowed from each of the alchemists.

Architect Rahul Sen was given the brief to go beyond the technicalities of architecture and bring life & soul to the brick and mortar. He completely revamped the old property to orchestrate space, introduce the house to natural light and increase movement within the house.  So, while he kept the outer structure of the house intact, the layout was drastically modified, slabs were punctured for skylight, a floor was added with extensions and verandahs, making the house well-lit and cross-ventilated.

The space on the terrace was utilised and transformed into an urban farm. Next on the sustainability bucket was radiation. The technology neutralized the effect of harmful radiation emitted from natural & artificial sources cleaning the individual areas inside the house. Each of the elements in the house is sourced carefully from international and local artisans. It is uninhibited, bold, contemporary yet rooted. Mohammed Naser, a young artist based in Kerala, has specially crafted intrinsic skin-toned pieces with abstract designs for the house.

The overall design philosophy revolves around the refined use of art, a sophisticated earthy colour palette and strong silhouettes. It is light, airy and fresh – an ode to the earthy undertones it brings to the living spaces. The drapes are designed from a blend of lustrous yarns with symmetric textures which make for a classic look every day.

The home consists of every element that is available in the name of eco living with energy conscious architecture.  Dutta has envisioned the home to be modernised with all the luxuries and comforts and at the same time having the natural origins of urban farming complemented with art and culture.

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