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A perforated composite membrane with multiple uses

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Carving a beautiful story on a lone structure, is like creating a vision on a blank canvas. But what makes it more interesting is when Soltis FT 381 beautifies it and creates a view to be captured.

Soltis FT 381, is an innovative product of Serge Ferrari which offers great flexibility and lightness. The material transforms itself, as soon as it is tensioned into a veritable shield ensuring long-term resistance to UV, bad weather, and stunning visual impressions.

A harmony of color can be chosen from Soltis 381 FT 15 colors palette to optimize the integration of the building with the site and its natural environment. By lighting it up from the front at night, the facility blends very well into the area. SOLTIS FT 381 was also chosen due to its exceptional durability over time in high UV environments.

Providing 3D effect, natural ventilation, thermal and insulation, micro climatic facades now offer durable, reliable solutions. Soltis FT presents ‘expressive material’ range for architects and builders. Transparency, color tones, designing of curved volumes, graphic personalization and many more.

The benefits of Soltis Ft 381 include reduction in energy consumption with better monitoring and control of natural light. Improved thermal and visual comfort. This dynamic façade is also a very light weight with exceptional strength and lifespan.

With its 20% porosity, Soltis FT 381 maintains an excellent outward visibility while behaving like an opaque visual barrier when looking from the outside during daylight hours. Soltis FT composite material effectively prohibits people seeing into the building during daytime.

100% recyclable through TEXYLOOP, Soltis FT limits the environmental impact. Expressive Material.

Soltis FT 381 provides flexibility allowing volumes to be created with 3D effects and light play. Graphic customization both digital AND serigraphic is smooth with Soltis FT.

Serge Ferrari, a French Creator, manufacturer and distributor of innovative flexible composite materials, is a leader in the flexible composite material sector. It ensures a global offer to meet tomorrow’s major challenges: sustainable construction, energy control design for all.

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