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A Promise of Performance & Style

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A modern building interiors requires balancing multiple objectives such as aesthetics, acoustics, environmental factors, fire safety and integration with the building’s infrastructure. Modern innovations now address all these concerns and offer a plethora of options in terms of visual effects, support systems and safety features. Knauf AMF, a global manufacturer of ceiling solutions delivers specialist acoustic, fire resistant and cost-effective ceiling systems offering an array of products in terms of material, tile size, ceiling grid system, face pattern and performance levels.

AMF is a manufacturer of high performance suspended ceiling systems and acoustic wall panels for the global specification market. The Company was the first manufacture of mineral fibre ceiling tiles using its own patented manufacturing process. AMF-Mineralplatten GmbH set up as an independent business in 1995 was taken over by Knauf Management Company in 2002 resulting in further expansion of the business. Through increased capacity and state-of-the-art technology, AMF continues to develop new generation suspended ceiling products including rafts, baffles and acoustic wall panels as well as manufacturing its existing market leading commodity and performance systems. Today, Knauf AMF has its head office and manufacturing plant in Germany and another factory located in Ferndorf Austria. It is represented in further 30 countries with products being supplied to over 80 countries worldwide.

Knauf AMF environment-responsible practices

Recycling – Reuse – New methods and concepts using “old” mineral tiles for the production of “new” mineral tiles is one of the recycling options however, because of the environmental impact of transportation, Knauf AMF is investigating other ways of locally reusing “old” tiles in the production of other products.

Building certification -The high environmental performance of Company products makes it easy for clients and architects to choose mineral ceiling tiles. The excellent environmental properties of the products contribute to environmental rating schemes (for example DGBN- or LEED).

Material – Locally sourced materials including clay, perlite, mineral wool and starch are the core constituents of Knauf AMF tiles. These materials are processed into ceiling tiles using an advanced process that conserves water by using an almost closed loop process.

Transport – Environmental friendly transport systems (ships, trains and low emission lorries) provide transport of the raw materials and the delivery of high quality finished products.

Certificates – Environmental certificates (Type I, Type II and Type III) validate that the Company products have excellent environmental performance.


Heradesign has been a business unit of Knauf AMF Deckensysteme GmbH since 2013. It produces, develops and distributes high-class acoustic systems for ceilings and walls that are consistently sustainable. The main fields of application are education, sports, offices, infrastructure, entertainment and recreational facilities. The Heradesign acoustic solutions help increase well-being, improve concentration, efficiency and performance and are completely harmless with regards to building biology.

The wood wool acoustic panels from Heradesign are made out of the environmentally-friendly materials wood, magnesite and water. Thanks to their high sound absorption values they improve room acoustics and with their characteristic, fibrous surface structure ensure an appealing ambience. Different models in practically all shades of common colour systems are available and give architects freedom in their choice of room colours. The panels can be simply installed onto wooden constructions or CD profiles with screws, without the need for specialist knowledge. Jigsaws, routers or hand saws can be used on-site to cut the panels to the desired length.

In addition to the PEFC certificate, the panels come with FSC® seal. While, the PEFC certification has guaranteed that Heradesign uses no more wood than can grow back, the FSC certificate assures the customers that the acoustic panels have nothing to do with unsustainable forestry.

Heradesign, from the Austrian town of Ferndorf, produces magnesite bonded wood wool acoustic panels, which are becoming increasingly popular with architects and have been used in buildings all over the world – for example in the German Harley-Davidson headquarters, in the revamped AachenMünchener insurance company buildings and in Leiden University in The Hague.

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