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A Tree House

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Tree houses are habitable structures among the trunk or branches of one or more mature trees above ground level. Bangalore based multidisciplinary design firm Pragrup designed one such tree house for their client for leisure purposes.

When thinking of a tree house, the first distinctive aspect that comes to many is the elevated concept, the notion of being up in the trees. For these platforms or buildings built above ground, there are no specific regulations due to all trees being different. But, the right direction is an important consideration to make them look constructive and creative. The tree house built for the client was meant to be more sculptural than functional serving as open-aired follie design blending the built space with the natural landscape. Situated 10kms from Bangalore, this was really a parameter driven project. In an area of 850sft, we created a visual drama by suspending the house 20ft above the ground level with steel framework as a base. This design concept drew inspiration from the idea of an object appearing to have landed on the landscape. In each of the four trunks a hole is punctured into which the cable is anchored and the structure attains the visual effect of being suspended. Cantilevered construction allows highlighting of different viewpoints that already exists rather than to create an additional area. The built structure has been constructed with untreated natural wood and complies with quality and adaptability requirements.

The design of the project was developed on the basis of the compact elevated building of natural land and connected to different wood elements that were placed according to a path that matched the landscape. This sequence is conceived by addressing a dynamic possession of space, maximizing the use of the living and of the dinning toward the exterior of the house.

Solid “Arecanut Panels” are punctuated from the floor in an angle and the glass panels constitute the “opaque” story, which is largely protected from the outside elements. The idea was to have the tree house open up as it gained elevation. At top, the tree house is completely penned in a suspended patio with a false ceiling in a pyramidical form from outside. At the base of the tree, a Metal Staircase rolls on casters upon stone slab, allowing occupants to enter and exit regardless of how much the tree house may be swaying in the wind.


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