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A Visual Experience

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Diamond Plaza Nx 2 (DPA2) in Nairobi, Kenya was conceived as a shopping destination that will comprise entertainment, fine dining, city view,et al. In keeping with the design concept, Mumbai based architect Reza Kabul planned the 153000sqft built up area as a retail haven to reckon with.

The designer firm Reza Kabul & Associates at the initial design stage recognized the need for providing large parking space within the built-up area. Also, during the construction, it was decided to maintain the existing structure’s load bearing slabs, beams and columns by integrating the same within the design & layout of the new building.

The project taking off from the basement level, has the supermarket and retail shops covering the area as it facilitates quick pickups and exit. The main entrance is designed at the lower ground floor giving the leisure shoppers a direct access to the mall which extends to the ground level too.

The parking lot was incorporated between the first and the ninth level. The area allocated is slated to cater 90% to the mall and the adjacent Diamond Plaza Hotel’s parking. The remaining 10% will be for retail and commercial spaces. Accessibility to both buildings are arranged for with a connecting bridge on the first level. Guests who prefer to skip parking can directly land their helicopters on the 15th floor helipad!

The tenth floor being seven meter high hosts a mini amusement park giving it a wonderful aerial view of Kenya as well as keeping the noise away from the surrounding areas . It also includes an entertainment zone featuring exciting activities like a mini lake indoor stream with boating, roller coasters, dashing cars and bowling alley. The placement of amusement activities is also ideal as the lower levels are assigned for those in a hurry compared to one looking for spending time at leisure.

All the activities are easily accessible to a food court for a quick bite that spreads through the tenth level and its mezzanine. For the light hearted audience, the eleventh level is designed to house 112 to 130 visitors in each of the four screening areas along with four separate cuisine restaurants as well as a casino. While kids can enjoy the lower levels, parents can attend various events on the twelth level which has 90% of its area covered by banquet halls. The remaining floor space is allotted to meeting rooms.

At par with the exuberant experience of the mall is the revolving restaurant at fourteenth floor with 360° view of the green forest and the city in the opposite direction.

The shopping mall façade is covered in glass and ACP designer grills giving it a carving like appeal. In addition, the parking space with LED running through the entire structure offers a visual treat. The whole arrangement of the façade and the lights is elaborately synced in to leave a mark on the rising skyline especially at night.



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