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Working towards A greener, cleaner environment

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The Ritman Group is into the business of Real Estate, Building Systems, Chemicals, LED lighting and Printer inks. With a cumulative experience of more than 100 years and a million sqft of development to its name, theGroup aims to revolutionize the construction industry with an advanced environment friendly building system. ParagMajumudar, MD, Ritman Group talks to Buildotech about the technology and the green lighting solutions offerings.

Building Technology

In March 2010, the Building Material and Technology Promotion Council underthe Ministry of Housing floated a global tender for alternate construction technology. After evaluating the submissions for over a year and half, the Council shortlisted 30 participants in which the Ritman Group topped. The technology offered by us has been available in other parts of the world for over 30 years, but in India, companies were still importing it at high costs. The Group imported the machines and acquired expertise for execution and set up factories to manufacture the panels in India itself.

The advanced building system offered by us employs the use of walls and slab panels and is referred to as SIPS (Structural Insulated Panel System) or R-Panels. The system combines high tech polystyrene and a steel mesh panel core with a “skin” of high strength RCC applied by spraying.

The expandable polystyrene or thermacol as we know it, could be of 60mm, 80mm or 120mm thickness. This is covered with a 2.5 GI wire mesh on either side and is held together by a perpendicular welding to make it a 10’X4’ piece. This panel can be used as a load bearing or non-load bearing wall. In either case, a process called “skitting” is done to the panel wherein a mixture of cement and sand concrete is spread on top of the panels to make it strong.

Since Expanded Polystyrene commonly known as thermocol of high density 15 Kg/Cubic Metre is used in the panels, they have the inert properties of being self-extinguishing, having acoustic properties and insulation.Constructing buildings using Advanced Building System panels means creating homes which are extremely energy-efficient. It guarantees acoustic insulation and thermal insulation. There is around a 4oC difference in temperature on either side of the wall and therefore one can save around 50 to 60% of air conditioning load. By multiplying the annual energy saving achieved with a perfectly insulated house for the whole life cycle of the building and comparing it with the cost of production, the considerable economic savings are evident.

Additionally, SIPS ensures that the building is strong, reliable and truly safe. Versatile and lightweight, this system does not require any heavy/special equipment. The entire system is installed and constructed manually. Thus, it is well-suited to the construction industry of India. It has proven structural stability and there are examples of hotels in Mexico which have withstood earthquakes and are still standing.

This technology has been used in the world for more than three decades. It is both inexpensive and of high standards. Light-weight and energy-efficient, this technology has many advantages. It is versatile as well safe. Its greatest advantage, however, is that it is a ‘green’ technology that causes no harm to the environment.

Green Lighting

The Ritman Group’s brand of LED lights, ‘Rising,’focuses on helping companies realize the benefits of LED lighting. It has pioneered various lighting solutions including the retrofit tube lights. Proper usage of LEDs can reduce energy loads by upto 80 %. The group recommends using power LEDs with proper installation and execution of heat sinks. We have successfully provided 50 Watt lighting systems to factories along with a guarantee of three years helping saving energy of around 60-70%.

The company has developed 180 watts lighting systems which can replace 450 watts halogens and consumes 33% energy only. We have also used a combination of wind and solar energy. We believe in first experimenting our inventions on ourselves and if found successful we manufacture and sell the same to our clients. I have converted all the lighting in my house to LED powered by solar P.V cells two years back. The total consumption of wattage for the whole house for the area of 3500 sq.ft is only 350 watts.

The company has developed a special kind LED Light for replacing twin tube lights in jute factories wherein the total wattage consumption of the system was around 110 watts which was replaced by 6×2 bay light of total wattage consumption. We have also installed Water proof Lights at church gate station and have successfully demonstrated LED Street Lighting for Ahmedabad Muncipal Corporation by achieving International Benchmark of Lux required where most of the known brands failed to perform.


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