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A room within a room (B) BHK Homes – the new trend

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In a city like Mumbai, where space is rare and a 1 BHK home is an epitome of space crunch, a room within a room might be the answer.

30 year old Ravi Group of Companies has created ripples by breaking new ground and making a fundamental change in the designing and planning of a regular 1 BHK home. The (B) BHK Homes in Gaurav Excellency, Mira Road (E) take into consideration the space constraint, budgets and the need for privacy.

Gaurav Excellency demonstrated how a 1 BHK home can get transformed into a 2 BHK home and back again into 1 BHK in no time. At night, a partition in the living room can be drawn out from the niche in the wall, dividing the room into two. One side of the partition can be used as the living room and the other side becomes a temporary bedroom. In the morning the partition can be pushed back into the wall making room for a full fledged living room.

Similarly the dining table in the living room and the bed in the bedroom can also be pulled out from the niche in the wall whenever required and folded back up, thus freeing up valuable floor space – one of the most endeared aspects of a home from the point of view of the home buyer.

The Group asked its architect, Nipun Mistry, to conceptualise the design which would also give the occupant the flexibility to make maximum use of floor space, presence of the furniture notwithstanding.

The idea was to give customers the luxury of a 2 BHK home within a 1 BHK home without paying premium.


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