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Access solutions for the healthcare

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The requirements placed on doors and windows in hospitals and care institutions are extensive. From foyers, hallways and main thoroughfares right up to the operating theatres and laboratories the access points need to provide comfort, versatility, safety, economy, and design that contribute to creating a pleasant atmosphere. GEZE, one of the leading developers and manufacturers of building technology products offers individual, customised solutions, tailored to suit the specific function, be it as part of a new building or a refurbishment. GEZE range of products for door, window and safety technologiesin hospitals include the following.

Foyers or internal facades doors as regularly frequented entrances to gardens or care stations are made barrier-free with swing door drives, e.g. the quiet Slimdrive EMD. They open, prompted by a movement sensor, button or mobile radio-controlled operation. Similarly, skylight wings to provide cross ventilation above hallways can be fitted with electronic operation to offer fresh air supplies barrier-free. Also,when connected to the central building control system, mechanical ventilation can be achieved in case a specific concentration of carbon dioxide is reached.

Patients’ rooms are always fitted with free-swingdoors, ideally without door closers wherever the fire protection concept allows. Freeswing door closers, like the TS 5000 EFS, are the best solution where doors must always be kept shut, or where they are to be closed during a fire. This function means that, once the door has been opened initially, e.g. in the morning, it is possible to pass through the door without any resistance in either the opening or closing direction of the door. In addition, the swing door drive ECturn allows the doors to patient wards and rooms accommodating senior citizens to be easily automated. For maximum user convenience, ECturn doors can also be operated wirelessly via remote controls. This reduces the work of care takers.

“GEZE door technology comes along with plenty of scope for individual customisations. In healthcare, all specific criteria are taken into account such as barrier-free access, hygiene standards, preventative fire protection, conflicting safety functions of a door in emergency exit routes and the applicable laws and directives.” – David P Gayen

Toilets and sanitary areas require barrier-free, secure doors, which prevent access from outside when the toilet or bath is in use, particularly in the case of people with limited mobility. TSA 160-NT swing door drives with toilet control allow this. They are operated by an elbow switch. One push of the button activates the “Occupied” light and the door is closed andthe door can be opened from outside by authorised personnel onlyin the case of an emergency. In small bathrooms Manual Perlan 140 sliding door systems are recommended so that door leaves come together slowly and prevent body parts or objects becoming trapped. The automated Perlan AUT-NT solution is used in comfort/patient suite rooms. It is common practice for two patients’ rooms to be joined by a bathroom, and in many cases the doors are controlled by Perlan AUT-NT drives. If the bathroom is entered from one side, then the door on the other side locks and an illuminated display is activated.

Operating theatres, intensive care wards and laboratories are amongst the most sensitive areas in a hospital. Hygiene and adherence to the applicable regulations are of the utmost importance. The Powerdrive HT sliding door system is an impenetrably sealed automatic solution for operating theatre and intensive care wards doors that need to open quickly and offer high levels of user convenience. The entrance can be connected to an access control system so that the door can only be used by authorised persons.

The Company headquartered in Germany apart from the extensive range of door control systems, automatic door systems and glass systems also offers smoke and heat ventilation products, safety engineering products and window ventilation products for the building industry. David P Gayen MD, GEZE India briefs, “GEZE offers solutions for a variety of different requirements for anything to do with windows including easily operated fanlight window opening systems, skylight opening systems and smoke and heat ventilation systems using pioneering (RWA) Window Technology. Besides, GEZE SecuLogic rescue-route system provides a system solution which fulfils strict contemporary legal requirements and also gives a fresh impetus for functionality using modern bus network technology. GEZE also offers solutions in the area of lock technology like self-locking panic device which can be integrated easily with its Panic exit systems.”


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