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ACC’s New Green Building Centre

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ACC Limited is committed to the concept of sustainable construction. The company has launched its Green Building Centre in Chandrapur, Maharashtra recently.

The Green Building Centres are part of a conscious effort towards sustainable construction and maximum utilization of resources without causing harm to the environment. Superior quality materials are usually manufactured using fly ash bricks and maintaining soil and air quality. These projects are undertaken in rural or semi-urban areas where there is a clear need for sustainable construction. The areas benefit from the unique business model and the training and employment of thousands of small scale construction workers. This meets the objective to facilitate low-cost housing development in India through promotion of sustainable building materials, building techniques and a locally trained workforce.

The production of green building materials at Green Building Centres (GBCs) is carried out in a modern production environment with emphasis on quality and service. A Quality Assurance Test Laboratory in every Green Building Centre ensures thorough quality checks of incoming raw materials and outgoing products.

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