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Actis Technologies introduces energy management solutions

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Actis Technologies, an industry leader in audio-visual and integration technology solutions will now also offer integrated energy management systems & solutions. These solutions will include lighting control, daylight harvesting with high tech solar adaptive shading solutions, green building systems and Light Emitting Diode (LED) Lighting fixtures. The solutions aimed at corporate, residential & hospitality sectors will measure, analyze and control the energy consumption in modern sustainable buildings.

In addition to the sun based adaptive systems, Actis will also provide sensor technologies that work in conjunction with the solar adaptive shading solutions. The sensor automatically detects levels of daylight and overrides the adaptive shading solutions ensuring that shades only close when conditions are appropriate. Also, company occupancy sensors will aid in conserving energy in unoccupied spaces resulting in energy savings by 15% in open office space and up to 80% in storage areas.

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