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Adhesive for moulded doors

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The international grade adhesives for moulded panel & flush door Aquence from the house of Henkel includes water-based – acrylic, colloids, PU dispersions, PVAC and VAE dispersions. The solutions improve product quality in various industries such as construction, furniture and wood-working industry. The product range comprises:

• AQUENCE MD 161 (Meets EN 204/205 D2 standard)

• AQUENCE KL 472 FF (Meets EN 204/205 D3 standard)

• AQUENCE SL 463 (Meets EN 204/205 D4 standard)

The adhesives can be applied to the surface by spraying, brush as well as mechanical glue spreader. They are D3 & D4 water resistant adhesive and maintain the dimensional stability – warping, twisting and cupping of the molds. The adhesives are free from hazardous formaldehyde, are nontoxic and non-flammable.


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