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Aesthetic Appeal & Energy Efficient

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AIS is a leader in glass solutions providing innovative concepts and cutting edge solutions in living glass. Aditya Bhutani, Director and COO of Glasxperts, a full service offering from AIS, brings together an integrated approach and specialised knowledge to glass selection and installation.

From just being a manufacturer of automotive and float glass, AIS glass is also now a major solution provider. What are the various architectural and technology solutions offered to different user segments?

Asahi India Glass Limited (AIS) is today the largest integrated glass company in India offering end-to-end solutions across the entire glass value chain. Apart from the spectrum of product solutions, we have also launched service-based solutions for key stakeholders like architects, builders, fabricators and interior designers. Taken together, our product and service solutions will ensure that they get the best from AIS – technology, products, consultancy and knowledge so that they can explore new architectural and design possibilities in glass. Additionally, AIS’ services solutions also help our key stakeholders get:

  • The best advice when it comes to glazing/ glass needs
  • A complete end-to-end offering – from processing and supply to installation and maintenance.

Glasxperts is AIS’ new service initiative….

AIS Glasxperts is a full-service brand and India’s only glass lifestyle solutions provider that is designed to offer customers complete, customised and innovative solutions in glass. Glasxperts delivers unique glass concepts including privacy solutions, acoustic, solar & thermal insulation solutions, safety & security solutions and window & door solutions in an aesthetic and contemporary manner that truly reflects your lifestyle. Our aim with Glasxperts is to eliminate the common hassles faced during the glass buying and installation process—from helping customers select and buy the right kind of glass at the right price, to having it delivered and installed in a timely and efficient manner. We draw upon our specialised knowledge so that our customers can do more with glass—enabling them to design their space, their way. Glasxperts works with HNIs, architects, interior designers and builders across the residential, commercial and hospitality segments to deliver this world-class glass experience.

The other solution from AIS aimed at simplifying the glass experience for architects, builders, and developers is 4G Solutions – which stands for Glass Selection, Glass Product, Glass Processing and Glass Integration. Under these four broad areas, AIS offers myriad solutions depending on the need of the customer’s project and offers customised solutions ranging from tempered, heat strengthened, laminated and insulated glass. In addition, 4G Solutions helps customers get the right solution in terms of energy efficiency, solar and thermal insulation, optimum visible light and reduction in harmful UV rays resulting in privacy, optical comfort, thermal comfort, safety and indoor environment quality, be it a residential complex or a commercial property.

What are the product offerings for sustainability and aesthetics?

Glass for modern buildings is largely about energy savings and aesthetics. There are different ways in which glass can play a key role in making a building ‘green’. Being transparent, glass allows light to penetrate in and light up the interiors. This reduces the need for artificial lighting which contributes to around 25% of energy consumed in buildings today. This the primary reason why the glazing area i.e. the glass area for most buildings is increasing and why glass is fast replacing cement, mortar and wood. Apart from increased daylight and energy savings, glass offers many advantages like recyclability, innovative applications and designs and noise reduction.

AIS offers heat reflective Solar Control glass like AIS Supersilver, AIS Opal and Ecosense. Among these, the Ecosense is a range of high-performance heat reflective glass that allows optimum natural light inside the building and reduces heat ingress, thereby reducing the load on the air conditioning resulting in energy saving. They come multiple hues and in variations of different colours. For example we have 20 variations of blue itself. Also, when used along with AIS VUE uPVC profiles, the energy efficiency of the glass increases. AIS’s range of decorative glass includes Ceramic frit, Fabric laminated glass, Printed glass, Etched Galss etc. Both laminated and tempered glass are categorised as Safety Glass.

Laminated Glass consists of two or more panes of glass with one or more layers of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) sandwiched between them and treated. When the laminated glass breaks due to violent force, the PVB will absorb large amount of impact energy and disperse it rapidly. It provides security as well as safety. In laminated glass, the bond between the glass and interlayer can absorb accidental human impact. Even if the glass breaks, the fragments adhere to the interlayer thus minimizing injury and in case of tempered glass these glasses when broken, breaks and fall into small circular fragments, causing no or minimal damage to anybody , hence they are called safety glass. AIS Securityglas and AIS Stronglas are the two products in the AIS safety glass portfolio.

Acoustic Insulated Glass – like AIS Acousticglas – is a combination of laminated glass with acoustic PVB in insulated glass unit (IGU) provides a 90% sound reduction. When compared to normal 5mm ordinary glass, AIS Acousticglas provides an extra 50-60% sound reduction making it ideal for homes, offices and shops in high traffic zones or near railway-lines and airports.

Your manufacturing facilities…

AIS has four glass manufacturing plants located across the country to manufacture and process various kinds of glass. Float & value-added glass, auto glass manufacturing and glass processing is done at the AIS plant at Roorkee in Uttarakhand and the Taloja facility in Maharashtra, while the plants at Chennai, Tamil Nadu and Bawal in Haryana manufacture auto glass and are also used for glass processing.

What are the trends in glass usage in India and how is AIS glass realigning itself to cater to the changes?

The glass industry in India is growing rapidly driven by the increased usage of glass as the main component of any building. Today, glass is not just a means of letting light into a space and achieving protection from the elements, but a statement of style, awareness and an expression of the designer and the client’s ideological stand on the environment. With the increased demand and new innovations in the glass market, AIS is well equipped to cater to the growing demand. We are continually adding new and innovative products and services to our portfolio of offerings to meet not just the different demands of different customers, but also to satisfy the increasing need for new glass applications and products. With future-focussed, solutions-led initiatives like AIS Glasxperts and 4G Solutions , we are at the forefront in delivering world-class glass experiences and innovative glass solutions while meeting the growing demand.

What is your marketing strategy for 2013?

To tell you the truth, we let our work and our products do most of the talking for us. Bet it AIS Glasxperts or our float products, the brand equity created by responding to our customers’ needs and delivering the right product and solution is the best advertisement for us. So this year, we are going to concentrate on reaching more customers by opening NEW Glasxperts centres in Delhi. Mumbai and Chandigarh. And like last year, when we won many accolades for our work with the Tarun Tahiliani Couture Exposition, this year too we will be working with Tahiliani to showcase our solutions and our creativity to the world. Apart from this, to make more people aware of our value proposition across product lines and segment offerings, we are looking at direct contact programmes at residential societies across the country, taking our message directly to architects and builders through special meets & seminars, increased participation in trade exhibitions, and supporting this at an overall level would be a targeted advertising in magazines, both industry publications like design & architectural magazines and publications aimed at a general audience.


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