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Affordable and aesthetic housing

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Architect Parin Shah

An affordable house that is designed well is not an oxymoron. Today, the best social housing being designed and built, incorporates a combination of a creative plan, state of the art strategies that involve sustainable techniques and aesthetics that will place the projects well in the market alongside their competitors. Architect Parin Shah has succeeded in designing affordable housing free from stigma and institutional homogeneity, creating projects that express hope and possibility. The designs rely on the modern, clean lines and are devoid of ornamentation.

At first glance this project looks like a high end neighborhood in a developed country, whereas this is a project that caters to people who are looking for affordable housing as well as the amenities which were enjoyed only by the privileged few. Located in Kalyan which is in the outskirts of Mumbai, Parin Shah has designed a housing project that is affordable and admirable in its design. For the project, Shah has conceptualized the design eliminating unnecessary clutter. The use of straight lines and simple shapes have been incorporated throughout the design. Green design elements are also encouraged in this project.

One of the main features of the project is the simplicity in the design and the form. Each unit is stripped down to basic features that show the architectural elements of the home itself. Focus is given to the space as a whole rather than the decor or the interiors. This kind of modern design encourages homes to be clean, functional and simple.

The architect has used the plot of land to influence the design and layout of the structure. Rather than simply placing the building on a plot of land, he has used the features of the site and connected the interiors with the exteriors of the structure. The patios and balconies seamlessly connect the inner and outer spaces.

Unlike many affordable projects, which consist mostly of studios and one-bedrooms, this project includes two-bedroom apartments suitable for families. “We don’t want to just keep building studios for singles,” Shah says. “They have families. That’s the reality.

“While a shortage of affordable housing options continues to plague our cities, we have seen a growing interest by architects designing decidedly alternative solutions to the outdated models of the modernist era. Today, affordable housing seeks to do more than simply create decent spaces for living. Instead, new affordable housing models incorporate sustainable features that reduce the cost of construction, maintenance, technologies that help empower residents and connect them to outside resources, and greater reverence for human scale and connection to the street beneficial features that we can only hope to see more of in the future.”

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