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An open and quiet home

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The home designed by Architect K Jaisim, Jaisim-Fountainhead, in JP Nagar, Bangalore for Prof. R Srinivasa Murthy and Radha incorporates features offering leisure and comfort to its occupants. Dr. Murthy and his wife returned to Bangalore after living abroad for five years and wanted to enjoy a retired life reading and writing. They required an uncongested space, free movement and easy access to books and spaces to read, write and relax. It was essential to have an open house that would allow them to reach each other anywhere, some garden area and a house that was economical and environmentally suited. The home is built on an area of 3900sqft. It is eco-friendly with sunlight streaming in throughout the day has solar heating and rainwater harvesting. The use of clay blocks is extensive, its function both aesthetic and as insulation.

An entire wall of fenestrated windows and glass panel blocks allows a feeling of space while also reducing noise pollution. There is a full basement, maximizing on space, ensconcing Dr. Murthy’s study and library. The house is covered in wooden flooring and Jaisalmer marble in some areas.

The house stands on a corner plot and the roads are very busy ones. In order to ensure that the boundary walls are visible and in a manner that only serves to enhance the appearance of the home, a unique feature has been incorporated. Used beer bottles have been converted into light fixtures and built into the outer walls. Not only do they highlight the appearance of the rich clay blocks used in the wall, but they also serve as cautionary lights to approaching vehicles.

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