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Aspiring to be an Industry Leader

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Promoted by a team of Security professional, Gujarat based Swaraj Secutech Pvt Ltd manufactures crash rated perimeter security solutions and highway traffic solutions. Major Amitava Mittra, Director, Swaraj Secutech answers a few questions from Buildotech.

What is the latest product launched by Swaraj Secutech?

Swaraj Secutech has recently launched India’s first physically crash tested K4 Bollards and K8 Crash rated barriers. The solution was built in India and tested in the world-renowned testing facility of Horiba Mira which is situated in the United Kingdom.

Till now the Indian market, when it came to perimeter security solutions for gates was only fed by traffic bollards, barriers which had no crash rating certification or was fed by exorbitantly high imported crash rated solutions. Swaraj plugged this gap and helped the Indian market benefit by launching the Indian made – UK tested solution which comes at an affordable price. The other products manufactured by us include Boom Barrier for Parking management, Ultra-Fast Toll Barriers, Stainless Steel Tripods, Stainless Steel Flap Barriers and Next Generation Tyre Killers.

You have a strong R&D…

Swaraj Secutech has an in-house team of R&D engineers who study the present industry needs and apply their minds to develop Swaraj’s innovative solutions. The outcome of the R&D team is further vetted by India’s premier research institutes like ARAI, Pune and IIT’s before it is sent for real life testing.

We intend to be known by as an Industry leader of affordable and certified crash rated solutions for India along with Africa/Middle East

How do you perceive India as a potential market, what is your global outreach?

The growth in the world is in our India and we see immense prospect when it come to physical perimeter protection market. Under the guidance of a decisive leader, the recognition of the need has just started not only from private entities like Reliance and Tata but also from all the Armed forces.

Swaraj Secutech has done projects in Africa and now has an in-house team operating from Dubai for catering to the needs of Middle Eastern markets.

What are the challenges faced by Swaraj Secutech?

With almost 80 -100% growth every year, we do feel the growth pangs but then the conducive manufacturing ecosystem of Gujarat helps us address them effectively. The second challenge has been to reach out to the industry with the knowledge of certifications for crash rated products.

What is the key to your success?

The success mantra of Swaraj has been hard work, great team bonding, constant innovation and a conscious effort to provide genuine after sales service.

Most importantly, we believe in our channel partners and they in us wherein we both work diligently to strengthen this bond and nurture this B2B business model.


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