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Barrier Boom more than just a design

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To an ordinary observer a barrier is just a blocking element that opens and closes. Magnetic Autocontrol with the introduction of MHTM MicroDrive barrier series brings a lot more to the product.

The MHTM MicroDrive barriers have an angled instead of straight boom, as is customary in the industry. This innovative design with its energy efficiency, security and functionality features was honoured with the Red Dot Award 2012 and the German Design Award 2014.

The VariBoom, as a utility model not only offers the barrier striking exterior, but also features various innovations, besides its enhanced visibility. Due to the special design of the MicroDrive VariBoom, complete release of the traffic lane occurs at an opening angle of 850. From this point, barrier boom no longer projects forwards above the barrier housing. As a result, the already fast opening time of MHTM MicroDrive barrier is further increased by about 6% and consequently the vehicle flow is noticeably boosted.

In various parking applications, the lane width of the barrier is limited by the residential ceiling height. Normally, this requires the use of elaborate articulated boom solutions, which are considerably more expensive. They also require more maintenance due to the mechanical movement. Use of the MicroDrive VariBoom, compared to a conventional barrier system permits a lane width 200m greater given the same ceiling height. As a result, the use of articulated booms can be dispensed with in various facilities and thereby costs can be saved too.

Also, in case a vehicle passes a barrier too early or forces it, the entire barrier boom gets damaged leading to high costs for repurchase and downtime. The VariBoom has a predetermined breaking point at the rear, as a result of which high costs for replacing the entire barrier element can be avoided. Storage of the replacement is likewise greatly simplified, since only a short boom piece of 0.5m in length can be stored.

In addition, the barrier housing could be designed to be much lower, minimizing costs and valuable resources as well as providing harmonious integration of the barrier in the local surroundings. The barrier is transformed from a bothersome necessity to an integrated component of the building external appearance.

The higher visibility of the MHTM VariBoom can be increased with more options. The design features an integration of LED lights, which are highly visible from afar and glow red when the barrier is closed and green when the barrier is raised. Simple integration of signs, notice texts and displays is possible too. Thus, the barrier simultaneously can become an advertising medium apart from its normal function.

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