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Bathroom Space Styles

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Bathroom, a requisite part of one’s life is not just a functional space anymore. The emphasis is on luxury,style and elegance, transforming it from a mere bathroom to a retreat for relaxation of mind and body, explains Architect Sudin Patil of Sudin Patil Architects.

Bathroom space design has evolved over a decade in India from a generic space to a personal and luxury area with upgraded fittings and new exciting features that make bathing personal, luxurious as well as exciting. Customized shower spaces, bathtubs, fixtures and other design elements make a perfect blend of luxury and utility. The conventional finishing material are being replaced with large size Italian marble, vitrified tiles, designer counter-top basins and mirrors with innovative lighting fixtures. Latest craze is the bath fittings featuring automation systems for variety of use and sanitary fixtures in abstract designs with array of options. Apart from looks and automation of fittings and sanitary wares, durability and efficiency of the materials and maintenance is an important consideration as many of these fitting shave concealed systems.

The growing demand for deluxe bathroom fittings has drawn the interest of international bathroom fittings brands like Jaquar,HSIL, Cera, Scavolini,Grohe, Hansgrohe and Kohle who are increasing their presence in Indian market.

Emerging Design Features

A paradigm design development is the move towards bathrooms becoming extension of bedrooms and personalization of the space. Luxe,open-plan bedroom and en-suite baths with sliding doors and integrated baths, fixtures and basins that resemble furniture are the on going trends. What’s more, bathrooms have become spa with automated pl

umbing fixtures, spa, sauna, steam, rain shower, larger diameter water spouts,multiple jets, massage, wireless music etc in one unit.

The newest approach towards designing bathroom is now similar to designing a bedroom or a living room.Such as, furniture and decor like rugs on floor, lounge chair, wall art,console table and elegant chandelier and wall sconces to exude a warm and inviting living room vibe. Just like other rooms, suspended ceilings are making an appearance in the bathrooms. Acrylic sheets mountedon frames, veneer with lamination,CNC cut MDF board jails with deco paint at some parts of ceiling with strip led lights are some of the design trends.

Designers are using a lot of creativity and homeowners are open to experimenting with the space. This has also been possible because of the availability of novel design options and customization possibilities offered by bath companies as per consumers need. For example, children’s room toilet design is drastically different in color schemes, fixtures shape and colors from a master bedroom bathroom or a powder room for guests. Following factors define a bathroom space.

Wall Cladding Porcelain wall tiles have been replaced by larger size vitrified tiles, leather finish tiles, Corian stone and Italian marble. Popular in high-end bathrooms are Mother of pearl and special effects on wall with niches, wallpaper, Onyx, gold leafing,highlighter tiles, glass, mosaic, steel,CNC, mirror and such elements. Multicolored glazed tiles with a shiny look is another trend now. Digital Design tiles, textured tiles, customized glass finish tiles are the latest additions

Digital tiles have glass like shiny finish which can be printed with any picture.These are available in virtually limitless array of color and pattern, including hand painted version in different shapes, sizes, colors and finishes.

Flooring: Composite marbles are making their presence which are available in light as well as bold colors.Onyx, Mother of pearl, Italian Marble and imported tiles

are being used in cladding as well as in flooring in high end bathroom design. Statement making floor tiles add style in a small bathroom without overwhelming the space and when used in a larger bathroom, the effect is elegant. Apart from commonly used granite, Onyx,Italian or Australian is being used for basin counters as well flooring. Onyx stone allows light to pass through it which creates dramatic effect.

Fittings and Fixtures: Bath fittings and fixtures act as sculpture in modern bathrooms, whether it is freestanding bathtubs or customized vanities and water closets in unusual shapes. In terms of technology, Bluetooth, radio, music player in shower, ozone sterilization,touchscreen-operated steam-showers,multiple shower heads, chromatheraphy and automation for clever water control like water temperature and pressure are gaining popularity. Horizontal showers are the latest in market that will see a great demand in luxurwy bath segment in the coming years.

Lighting: This has become an important part of any contemporary bathroom. Mood lighting or unified lighting in the shower that changes light as per user’s mood and water temperature are current favourites inluxury bath designs. For a more dynamic look, wall lights creating catchy pattern on walls, designer hanging lights near the mirror and colored LED lighting are the options. Additionally, a color changing backlit vanity or an LED rainfall shower head instantly lifts the look and mood of the space.

Wash basin: Instead of wall hangs;latest trend is counter top basins innovel designs, finishes, shape, sizes and color. From rustic steel finish basin and basins with censor and LEDlights to basin made by sandwiching stone pebbles in glass and fluidic shape basins are in demand.Cabinets under basin counter making it a complete unit, provide plentyof storage and enhance the illusion of space.

Faucets: These come in a variety of shape and size and finishes like brass strengthened with titanium,bright nickel and a slightly blackened nickel. Some companies put ane namel-like finish on solid brass for durability. Minimalist faucet designs in chrome to crystal knobs and old-fashioned X handles of the turn of the century are used as per the theme of the bath décor. Thermostatic faucets, water saving pressure control washers, intelligent aerators and touch panel control faucets and anti-scalding faucets for energy efficiency are the latest.

Sanitary ware: Comprising water closet, flushing system, bathtub, sanitary ware has become one of the important aesthetical elements in bathroom. New pro

ducts with abstract designs, new features and bold looks are creating anelegant and personalized statement for bathrooms. The conventional tubs have changed dramatically. The meter deep tub with dear straight side is totally different bathing experience. Now you also have inbuilt bathtub with state of the art facilities according to your choice.

Mirror: A bathroom is incomplete without mirror and these not only acts as a mirror but can become TV now. Main feature of this mirror TV is that it converts into a TV, Mirror TV or Vanish TV by switching on or off. People are getting fascinating to it. Brands like SEURA, LUMIDESIGN& EVERVUETV are offering such TV.Apart from mirror TV common mirrors are making bathrooms beautiful with their designs such as CNC and laser cut mirrors where you can cut mirror as per desired size and shape.

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