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BAU forums on architecture and urban planning

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During the BAU trade show from January 19 to 24, 2015 at the Messe München exhibition center, experts from all over the world will be reporting on their work and projects and answering questions from the audience in the forums organized by BAU.

One of the forums will explore the role of the architect now and in the future. The sessions will be organized by BAU in cooperation with the architectural journals AIT and XIA, and the German interior designers association, the Bund Deutscher Innenarchitekten. Speakers from international architectural practices and representatives from industry will be reporting and discussing new developments and trends. The themes extend from the technical possibilities of timber-framed buildings to elastic materials in mobile architecture, the transformation of existing buildings, new regulations on lighting, hybrid uses and social responsibility in architecture. In the forum on “Building the Future”, Detail research will present international and interdisciplinary research projects with a practical bias. Well known speakers will give an insight into their research activities.

The orum on “The Future of Building” will have eminent planners, architects and building engineers setting out their vision of building design and construction for the future and illustrating this with project examples. Forum – “From Vision to Reality” takes a look at important overarching themes in the building sector from a number of different perspectives. Four institutions are involved in this form – Germany’s Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety; the Fraunhofer Building Innovation Alliance; the Bundesarbeitskreis Altbauerneuerung (BAKA); and the European Door and Shutter Federation e. V. (E.D.S.F.). The German Federal Ministry will be reporting in a number of lectures on research and grant initiatives and on the political goals and legal framework. The Fraunhofer Building Innovation Alliance, comprising 17 different institutions, is presenting some of its research work and illustrating this with specific project examples. Another focus in this forum is the modernization and renovation of buildings. In the lectures given by BAKA, the attention will focus on how to improve existing buildings to meet the challenges of the future. In addition, the E.D.S.F. is again organizing the forum on gates and doors.


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