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Beautiful Concrete

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The word concrete it is always associated with dust, dirt, noise and size. There are many delicate things about concrete that many have not been associated with. Anil Kulkarni, Technical Head, Ultratech Cement Limited gives a sneak peek into the many aesthetic aspects of this wonder material called concrete.

It could be a huge bridge or a tall tower, at the mention of the word concrete what comes to mind is noisy vibrators creating huge sounds, lots of dust around the structures, a queue of trucks, tower cranes and noisy pumps. The flip side of this are intrinsically carved structures, with mind boggling colors, delicate designs and UV finishes. For instance, UltraTech Colourcon is a colored concrete available in different shades as per the specification of architects. It uses consistent quality UV resistant pigments sourced from highly reputed manufacturers, which help in retaining the true color /shades for longer duration. The collection is available in a large variety of colors with customized shades available as per architectural requirements. The advantages are:

Its highly aesthetic and colorful designs for elevation treatment in high end projects

Enhancement in the appearance of the structure

Availability in various options as per the vision of the architect

It is easily available in the desired quantities


It could be said that the concrete fraternity is ready with the solutions to the architect’s vision and imagination that could unleash innovative and mind blowing structures which will delight all those who would use them and all who would view them.

Architects and consultants for long have preferred tiles and granite for the floors but, the modern world is looking at more elegant and high quality designs for the floors. UltraTech Décor range of stamped concretes is a better replacement to tiles and paver blocks and other pavement solutions because it is in situ concrete carved and colored elegantly to give one the feel of natural available stones and blocks. This is not only stronger but also extremely durable and hence has a longer service life than tiles and paving blocks. This concrete flooring can be easily washed and over a period of time will not get undulated and allow weed growth as is the case with paving blocks and will certainly not get broken like how tiles and blocks do. The company has now introduced further ranges of concretes in the architectural segment like polished concretes, sandscaped concretes, exposed aggregate concrete, fair faced concretes, and the most exciting of translucent concrete which is now used in many architectural applications world over.

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