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Bentley’s Structural Design Software Helps Decrease Construction Time

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Designing with a Prototype

SkyHouse Apartments were created by Novare Group (real estate development company headquatered in atlanta) and Batson-Cook Development (Abased in Atlanta offering real estae services) to provide luxury housing at affordable prices in the US.

The developers are building the USD 45-75 million apartment complexes throughout the United States, including projects in 17 locations in 10 cities. The prototypical design is a 23-25 story, 320- to 354-unit complex with street-level retail space. The development group tasked Stanley D. Lindsey and Associates Ltd (SDL), a full-service structural engineering firm, to modify the design for each location based on local building codes and site conditions.

The ability to reuse the 3D model for multiple locations helps to roll out projects within tight deadlines. Bentley’s RAM® Structural System and RAM Concept software ensure a safe, efficient, and functional design by allowing SDL to make changes quickly and provide updated designs to the developers, architect, and contractor. This approach saves an estimated 12 weeks of construction time per building and lowers construction costs by approximately 25 percent relative to comparable projects.

Adapting to Site Conditions

The goal for the developers of the high-rise apartment complexes is to keep design and construction costs low by using a standardized building design created by the architect, Smallwood, Reynolds, Stewart, and Stewart. Therefore, despite changes dictated by the local conditions for each site, SDL preserves the architectural design and layout of the SkyHouse Apartments prototype.

SDL provides structural analysis and design modifications to accommodate three distinct challenges. First, the foundation systems must be modified to accommodate differing soil conditions at each site. Second, the designs have to comply with building codes that differ from location to location. Third, varying environmental loads such as wind and seismic forces require structural analysis and design adjustments.

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