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BITZER to have four Points of Service in India

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Refrigeration compressor company BITZER India inaugurated India’s fourth Green Point in Kolkata. The Company existing Green Points are in New Delhi, Navi Mumbai and Bangalore to cater to customers in the North, West and South of the country respectively. With the addition of new Centre, it now covers East and finally all four regions of the country for providing service and maintenance support for refrigeration and air-conditioning technology.

Each Green Point is equipped with test equipment to check the operation of reciprocating compressors after repairs, the only facility in the country to offer this. It is also stocked with genuine (in-stock) spare parts, team of highly trained and experienced technicians and technical expertise to help address all cooling technology concerns and issues of customers in an efficient manner. The Kolkata Green Point will have expertise to support the local burgeoning Fisheries and Food Processing business that is expanding fast in the North-eastern states.

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