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Booming Online Media

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Rajat BerryRajat Berry, Managing Director & CEO of Cross Section Interactive Pvt Ltd (CSIPL) briefs Buildotech on the interactive media as a marketing tool. According to him, in this age of online communities, getting customers engaged is one of the most vital aspects for business development. Some of the methods that have proved to be very effective are, building community or groups, hosting webinar or Google handouts, offering exclusive content and getting involved with clients to add a sense of camaraderie.

The floodgates for online marketing in Indian industry was opened by IRCTC and MakeMytrip. These websites completely changed the scenario how Indian population started reserving tickets. Having understood that, the current trend in online shopping is certainly positive and for construction, it is augmenting at a slow pace.

For instance, home decor is a very painstaking task. Every individual has to go to the place and select the furnishing products. But, the e-commerce websites have provided a real-look alike platform where it is easy for them to select the products. Not limited to this, but the online home decor industries also provide various creative and innovative designs and ideas to install/place the bought material,” said Berry.

Among a multitude of strategies, digital marketing is one of the most sought-after and convenient methodology being used by the online shopping companies. These policies include content marketing, social media, enhanced PR, PPC, aka pay per click, Google ad words, affiliate marketing and many more. These policies are reckoned for their effectiveness in operation and efficiency in increasing customer traffic.

Furthermore, Social video is a conflation of online video and social media. A video posted online actually act as a speaking content and makes it easy for the clients to gather the information. This information makes them rational to buy the product or avail the service. End users can have an in-depth view of the services and can understand the allied attributes & aspects of these services. Elaborating on the same Berry states, “Certainly, these mediums are the most effective methods of reaching the customers in an easy and convenient manner. Marketing done through online methods make the clients aware about each development that happens around him. As far as cost efficacy is concerned, this is a factor of success. If the project advertised online gives a good ROI, it is an effective manner, which is seen in majority of cases. In addition, E-procurement, also known as business-to-business, business-to-customer or business-to -government form of exchange of supplies, services and goods offers advantages including ease of access and promptness. But as far as the field of architects and real estate designers are concerned, this is quite less prevalent. “

Berry also feels, the biggest challenge that a company come across is the authenticity of information. “Operating in this domain is becoming cumbersome as it takes a number of difficulties including, social media management, getting value from SEO and reducing noise over internet and many more. The best practices for online campaigns is SEM. Short for Search Engine Marketing, this process takes the most promising approach and leads to the best possible results. SEO optimization and content management, online promotion are among other practices.”

According to him the future trends in real estate marketing seem highly constructive. Comprehending the fact that online marketing is the only feasible solution for individual websites and business to grow, the future trends in this domain are quite hopeful and expected to grow with a surge. “Mobile applications too are proving to be highly useful for the customers in every respect. Fromm booking a room to getting a car. This makes it very easy for clients to have the services rendered in his hands. Thus, the potential of mobile applications seems highly productive for the real estate industry as well. As, it makes the specifications of the construction easier and readily available to the clients,” he concluded.

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