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Brazil’s first Green certified stadium

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This summer, Brazil will be hosting the FIFA World Cup for the first time since 1950. Of the twelve stadiums chosen to host the tournament’s soccer matches, the Castelão Arena in Fortaleza was first to complete its renovations, which cost over $250 million. The revamped structure is the first stadium in Brazil to receive LEED certification.

Architect and urban planner Ronald Werner of Vigliecca & Associates aimed to transform Castelão into a 21st-century building, while preserving the spirit of the original structure built in 1973 Castelão can become a blueprint for designers on how to successfully manage environmental resources when planning large public arenas. 92% of the wood used in construction was FSC-certified. A significant amount of the 1,900 parking spaces is reserved for vehicles using alternative fuel, as well as vehicles that provide car sharing. The 387,500sqft roof is treated with a reflective material to reduce solar heat gain. During construction, 97% of waste was reused and recycled and every sealant, coat, and paint complied with the limits for volatile organic compounds. “


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