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Brickless construction product

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Hydrobaths Ramco Marketing Pvt Ltd has launched Smartboard manufactured by SCG (Siam Cement Group). The fiber cement sheets with cellulose fiber, Portland cement, silica and other admixtures are manufactured under a highly controlled environment using the Firm & Flex Technology. As a building material, the board is the biggest alternate to Plyboard and Gypsum board with a lower price point and high performance. SmartBOARD is suitable for usage in drywalls, ceilings, claddings and raised floors. It is waterproof, termite proof, fireproof and sound proof and can be used both in interiors as well as exteriors. As a building component, Smartboard wall system (Smartwalls) is the biggest alternate for a brick or concrete block wall. It offers high point load strength, good sound insulation properties, smooth finish and easy workability.

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