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Build India Summit 2014

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Architectural Designs & Building Services

Strapline: To Incorporate Innovative Technologies for the future in India which is unquestionably going to be the next big thing in Building Designs.

Nispana Innovative platforms as a company has identified that its conducive to address the technological innovations in the country, and hence has conceptualized the “Dalmia Build India Summit” on the 25th-26th of February at Chennai, India. Leading Construction and Design professionals are scheduled to attend the two-day event.

The Summit aspires to give an insight into the pertinent construction issues faced by India during two days of topical presentations by renowned architects, interior designers, construction companies and various others in order to gain Strategic direction & practical guidance Analysis for the current concept of architectural building and eco-friendly environment, including the pros and cons which you can use to inform your organization to have a focused performance relating to structural design and construction in India in future for a long run. This summit will focus squarely on the implementation of design strategies and the specification of materials and technologies empowering delegates to commission, design, construct and operate buildings that achieve and exceed specific standards and objectives.

The different themes covered at this Summit are:

• The aim of learning and integrating conventional construction for mass adoption in India.

• The emerging challenges to meet structural designs and how these are driving necessary paradigm shifts.

• The speakers will describe the current scenario and assess what is working and what isn’t.

• It is critical to identify the importance of building affordable structural housing & quantifying impacts against unpredictable and rapidly rising prices.

• To examine the importance of architecture along with structural infrastructure in India

About Nispana:

Our aim is to create a perfect environment for you to communicate with the right people at the right time and place. It ultimately is for you to deliver on your objectives. Furthermore, we will introduce you to the people who matter to your business. To do this, we offer a range of networking, focusing on re-education, and most importantly deal making opportunities for all attendees within the conference programme.

At Nispana, we bring together the corporate buyers and solution providers for business negotiations, business mergers and acquisitions for long term success and to add great value to our organizations.

We provide finest business intelligence solutions through conferences, congresses and summits in India where recognized and respected masses have their presence and lead to finest solutions.

Contact for further Information:

Name: Ms Mohita Bhimsaria

Phone: +91 (80) 4933 1000




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