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Build with Quality on time & on budget

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Plan, communicate and manage project information

Tekla Structures for construction management is an information-model-based software solution that supports contractors, sub-contractors, and project management professionals by helping them to centralize and visualize project data. Scheduling and cost estimation and control can be carried out by an effective communication and decision-making process that results from managing the fragmented nature of both project planning and performance data. Tekla Structures can process large amounts of model and non-model data regardless of the source. The software can be used to leverage the critical transfer of design information and planning data between design and construction teams. This clarifies communication and decision-making throughout the design, construction, and site management phases of a building project.


The critical objectives to meet during the preconstruction phase of a building project are

  • Understanding owner expectations
  • Interpreting design intent

Process combines both building geometry and its element-specific properties to help construction managers reach these objectives. Sophisticated design and reporting tools allow the user to illustrate various levels of completeness to quantify the variety of alternative design proposals.

Tekla Structures software effectively enhances communication among project participants to realize design intent and ultimately meet owner expectations.

The Tekla model can be used to

  • Determine the complexity of the project
  • Extract quantities
  • Determine project budgets, general schedules, and resource availability
  • Associate lead times, delivery dates, methods, and materials
  • Understand the scope of labour and materials

Construction planning

The transition from preliminary estimates to procuring and coordinating actual project resources starts once a project is awarded.

Tekla Structures software ensures that perspectives on scope and schedule dates are clearly communicated. Publishing and sharing the model on the web enhances efficient design which translates into easier and faster fabrication. Tekla’s construction management solution enables a well-informed and streamlined procurement process and facilitates accurate cost control during the production and delivery stages of the project.

Interoperability is essential, especially during construction planning. Use of this helps centralize and distribute the critical exchanges of data that control production and eventually activate the supply chain.

The Tekla model can be used to

  • Share building information with other disciplines
  • Divide the building into procurement packages
  • Visualize site layout, shapes, and geometry
  • Plan equipment and quantities utilizing resource data for further calculations
  • Generate a constructability analysis throughout design and delivery
  • Intelligent detailing design management

Site management

Site management is a critical aspect for project control. During the peak of the construction process, project performance grows in complexity as more providers, vendors and subcontractors mobilize at the site.

Tekla Structures software provides fully detailed models for centralizing essential planning and management data. Construction managers can visualize the building in its ‘as-built’ condition, locate the task in the building, and show their team the exact way to proceed.

The Tekla model can be used to

  • Update schedules and balance production data as installation progresses
  • Document and record schedule and scope deviations
  • Develop early planning data, comparing plans to real-time performance
  • Break down the construction process into weekly work group tasks
  • Experience the power of the as-built model

Cast-in-Place construction management

  • Model concrete and reinforcements in high detail
  • Coordinate and centralize fragmented building information in a single 3D model
  • Accurate quantities to the right place at the right time by efficient change management

Tekla Structures software integrates reinforcement information with building materials and follows the entire project from design through to construction. Rebar information such as rebar bending schedules can be integrated and used for construction purposes.

One can achieve leaner construction and more efficient supply chain management by producing and managing all necessary building information directly from the 3D model. No manual drawing-based calculations, planning minutes or unnecessary drawings, and no drilling needed. Automatic real-time updates guaranteed for quantities, bar bending lists and schedules, pouring plans, cast units, and construction drawings.

The Tekla model visualizes congested areas to prevent collisions and coordinates between building systems, allowing smooth real-time collaboration, information sharing and transfer between project disciplines.

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