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Building Intelligently

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Intelligence is a better word than smart…I personally advocate optimistic view on intelligent building design that includes automation but not limited only to automation. Intelligence is also the passive strategies; intelligence must go to the heart of how you choose the technology in construction or how you use the skills at the local level or at the production level and whether you are going for on-site or off-site. Intelligence comes in many levels. It is in the design, construction, and also in the life cycle through maintenance of the building.

You can try intelligence and prove by the manner in which sites are chosen, particular context is understood, design program & delivery are defined and suitable technology, material & structural design tools are appropriately used. You really have to touch upon multiple intelligence. You cannot create a building that has a very huge technology quotient to show but the rest of it is quite senseless. BIM ( building information modeling), BAM (building assembly modeling) and BOOM ( building owner operator model) are newer tools and processes enabled through technology but the question is what is the appropriate solution in the Indian context. If our government is serious, then it should ensure that we have our own ways of doing BIM and more. The Prime Minister has a mission to house all by 2022 which has many issues on the policy side and on land availability side but the biggest opportunity here is for the research and development to happen in building technology, in information management etc. We should be able to create technological ecosystem that is created and suited to our needs first. I am proposing an institutional framework for R&D with the government, design, engineering, construction and real estate entities as stakeholders. Only then will we be truly benefiting from the use of technology to solve our issues.

Kalhan Mattoo,
Principal Architect, Planet 3 Studios

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