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Building Project Management Consultants On Stage End-to-End

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A responsible construction consultant is the one who is farsighted and knows where a possible problem cans arise in the project and how to work towards avoiding it beforehand

The project management service focuses on managing a project from inception to completion across various phases – Preconstruction, Construction and Handover. The PMC focuses on the delivery process which is planning, managing and monitoring construction. PMC manages and integrates the various stakeholders on a project impartially and works for the benefit of the Project.

Systematic planning, sequencing, coordination, monitoring, reporting form key elements of this approach. Through strong and knowledgeable supervision, the PMC fosters positive team interaction and communication while keeping projects on time and within budget.

The key duties and responsibilities of PMC are to understand the owner’s aspirations and sync it with the building requirements; work closely with other  consultants to provide a design/ consultancy which is conflict free and to work with the building contractors to ensure that the design is realized to the maximum potential.

In short, says Sushil Raheja, CEO, Raheja Home Builders & Developers, “A PMC has to ensure everything goes as per plan and within the given budget. He also helps come up with a practical timeline and have a backup plan in case something goes wrong. There may be times when a project/building might not work out the way it was planned. A consultant comes up to figure out the probable causes of failure and how to rectify them. A consultant must also be aware of all the legal aspects involved in a project.”

On the rising need of outsourcing construction and project management of a project Jairam Panch, Managing Director, Turner Project Management India Pvt. Ltd says, “ An increasing number of clients such as developers, MNCs, and Government entities are opting to outsource these services mainly with an intent to leverage the expertise of PMCs to deliver the project with great quality and safety and by achieving savings in cost and time. The added advantages of outsourcing are – i) focus on core competencies of client such as sales, approvals, funding, ii) reduction in OpeX during market downturn, iii) exposure to best practices in the world iv) emphasis on innovation and sustainability with proper planning v) improved, structured delivery process.”

Engaging PMCs  early on

We at Turner strive to cultivate strong, productive relationships based on mutual respect with colleagues, architects, designers, other consultants and partners alike. We emphasize collaboration, communication, and the highest standards for quality in order to deliver our services safely and efficiently.

The Indian construction industry needs to embrace the concept of project management and construction management systems from the initial stages of the project. “The earlier the consultants are part of the design team, the more valuable is their input in coming up with an optimum design. Including the consultants in the early stages avoids later date conflicts and reduces the requirements for design changes which can be costly and time consuming. Also, when a consultant is on board from day one, they will be able to bring in more innovation to the design, rather than mere compliance,” states Krithikha Muthukrishnan, Partner, Green Sketch Cosultants.

According to Jairam, early engagement of an international PMC will help the client in sales and marketing of the project by providing customers an association with a reputed brand. It will also allow the client to leverage the world-wide experience and relationships of PMC to involve the best international and local consultants on their project.

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