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Building with Ever Changing ideas

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Professor Krishnarao Jaisim

Professor Krishnarao Jaisim has enjoyed the practice of architecture for over four decades now. During this period the firm Jaisim Fountainhead has undertaken and executed scores of projects in almost every aspect of building industry. Building on a philosophy that is committed to the earth and dedicated to the client, every creation of Professor is iconoclastic, individualistic and eco-friendly. Featured here is ‘I DO’, the home and office of the practice of Jaisim Fountainhead in Bangalore, which showcases Jaisim’s pursuit for adventures in the built environment, searching and researching beyond the boundaries of time and space. Let the architect himself talk about this personal and private space that has been witness to many brilliant built ideas take shape.

come 1989, Anthem is no more. Anthem was realized as a final prayer to end my architectural practice in 1980; but it ended up in the resurrection of a new avatar of practice which crowned many a new frontier. With a heartrending decision, forced by practical reasons clouding the strong emotional ties, Anthem was sold; and with the help of a generous SBI bank, a plot of land was bought within the urban core – this was and is today, I DO: our residence and practice space.

The 2300-sft plot sloped south with potential for entry from the west and south. The eastern and northern boundaries were straight and formed a right angle at the north-east. The slope drop from the north-west to the south-east was nearly six feet! There were some lovely large trees on this aspect on the other side of the Pavilion Road. The number was 175/1. Both were amusing points. There are only four plots on this road which has no pavilion either!

With limited funds and a lot of dreams for all three of us, the sketching process began. Geeta (my practical wife) wanted space and at the same time convenience and comfort. Ashwini, my daughter wanted privacy, independence and space. No grandeur or glamour. At that time we all played by the rules – to leave the setbacks and restrict the height as stated by the bye-laws.

I also decided that my office space will be in my home. Law allowed me a small cellar. Here the exploration broke all known laws and has resulted in a spacious office with extra space to house a fashion designer, adding soft style.

The design, by limitations, becomes a quarter circle. The entire sketch and the final drawings were realized on the sketch pad. All details from structure to services and elements, were done personally. I always pay homage and tribute to the material elements while creating architecture in addition to the natural ones. The hollow steel borewell pipes and the clay beads were to stimulate a whole new process of thinking. The long Western façade demanded to look at the evening Sun with respect. Later on the open play fields would command that I seek shelter not just from the south west monsoon but also from the dust and noise pollution of the hundreds playing and plying that space.

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