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Buildings that breathe well, do not yell!

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Anagha Paranjape Purohit

Among a few Indian cities that are waking up to the need to construct green buildings, Pune city is one of them, which has over the years seen most of its buildings are certainly harming the environment. Keeping in mind the norms and needs of the people in Pune, Vk;e environmental collaborated with SKF India to start a Green building project for promoting sustainable development. Anagha Paranjape Purohit, Director, VK:e environmental, Pune talks about her project at the Corporate Office Building for SKF India. Also, Anagha is an Architect-Environmental Planner& Trustee Sustainability Initiatives, Pune.

People construct buildings for their social needs and to protect themselves from sunlight, rain, water and other economic purposes. And we expect them to stand tall and protect us at all times no matter what the situation calls for. But, often people tend to forget that in order to function well like us humans; buildings need to breathe well too.

“Buildings, Too, Are, Children Of Earth And Sun.”
– Frank Lloyd Wright

Our city Pune is the country’s 9th most populous city and second largest in Maharashtra after Mumbai. There are many reasons why Pune has become one of the most desirable cities to live in. It boasts of being called as the education hub or Oxford of the East, has one of the highest number of software companies in India and is typically known for its culture and a pleasant environment. The real estate market for Pune is seen to have accelerated by the Indian government thereby, allowing 100% FDI in the construction and in recent Smart City project Pune has been included. Pune has witnessed an extreme population growth in the last 15 years due to overall development of various industrial sectors and information technology. Currently it has a total population of 5.9 million. To accommodate the ever growing population the city needs houses and buildings. Pune’s ancient buildings speak of a civilization that believe in a spiritual connect with nature. Its forts, houses and palaces were built in harmony with nature, very often with less resource wastage. As years progressed the height of buildings rose and became a symbol of progress. But somewhere on its journey, buildings became injurious to our environment.

Puneites are opting for green homes. Not because the Western countries are doing so but because they have realized the importance of it in the long run. Green houses are designed in a manner that reduces the harmful effects on the environment. According to a report only 35 out 10,000 buildings constructed in Pune in the last five years have received the status of an eco-friendly structure. According to civil authorities, on an average around 2,000 building permissions are issued by the PMC every year. Therefore, permissions to around 10,000 buildings have been given in the city in the last five years. Compared to the speed of building permissions, the speed of allotment of the green building status is less in our city.

Therefore, keeping in minds the aspirations and needs of the people in Pune, Vk;e environmental collaborated with SKF India to start a Green building project, by which, we did our bit in protecting the environment.

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