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Bus Ports that improve quality of life

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Architect Parin Shah

The concept of developing a transit oriented design in India is a fairly new one. Architect Parin Shah has been appointed to design a transit oriented development (TOD) master plan in four major cities of Gujarat

Transit oriented design is a new upcoming sustainable approach to planning large spaces. The method used for the following designs are centered around a transit hub. Other zones that compliment the transport hub are placed around it. The sole purpose of such a space is to change the micro infrastructure, diminishing auto transit and encouraging a more transit centric design. Enveloped around terminal space are many different functions that add to the footfall of the terminal providing a huge advantage for the retail and other commercial activities.

These projects designed by Parin Shah are centered around the bus terminal facilities in cities Ahmedabad , Surat, Vadodara and Mehsana. Hubtown Limited has partnered with the Government of Gujarat to reinvent bus depots benefitting millions of bus travellers.

All projects have two primary spaces. One space is the bus terminal facility which will be handed over to the Gujarat State Road transport Corporation. The other space being the mixed use saleable area to be operated and maintained by Hubtown Limited for a period of 30 years in a private public partnership scheme. Residential areas, Hotels, Service apartments, Commercial areas and Retail shops together comprise of the saleable area.

The areas are designed keeping in mind natural ventilation so as to reduce the load of mechanical ventilation. Semi-open areas coupled with areas having double heights ensure that the temperature inside the structure is maintained.

Each terminal facility has its own entry and exit which makes it a unique entity. Surrounding the space on at least three sides are the commercial blocks. This in turn uplifts the business of the people in those blocks and on the other hand it will also encourage people to use the bus terminal facility. This way of designing is a sustainable approach to planning as it encourages public transport and non vehicular travel.

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