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Cabling Solutions for Hospitality

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Efficiency of a hotel’s total business environment relies on the proper intranet and internet connectivity with minimum possible disruption to the normal hotel routine. Hence having the right infrastructure network is crucial for delivering seamless connectivity to clients. Lapp India, provider of high performance cabling solution gives an example.

In hospitality industry, it is imperative that installers are capable of identifying the wiring layout, analyzing the different challenges of the architecture concerned and recommending structured cabling expertise. One of the luxury hotel chains needed customized cabling requirements to support the following :

• Intranet and Internet connectivity in the building

• RG-6 cables for audio/video transmission

• Supplying power to different panels within the building

• Lighting the entire building

• Supplying power exclusively to baking appliances in the kitchen


Power Application- For supplying power to the building block panels, multi core cables with a small cross sectional area have been provided as these cables are perfect for tight spaces. The cables are made up of fine-wire strand of bare copper wires with cores bonded in layers making them highly durable and flexible. The cables consist of PVC outer sheath with insulation to offer good chemical resistance and flame retardant features.

Communication based application – For IP based requirements, cables that provide zero-bit error performance have been used to safeguard the data integrity and maximize the data throughput. These cables ensure that data transmission is free from interference from adjacent cables and external sources.

For various audio-video requirements, cables that are copper braided with bonded aluminum tape are most suitable as they provide easy handling features and improved electrical performance. They are ideal for video applications like DSS satellite hook ups, home threatre components and CAT TV connections.

For lighting applications throughout the building, single core cables comprising PVC insulation with a core made up of fine strand of bare copper wire are supplied. The cables are flame retardant and are compatible for wet or dry rooms.

Appliances Integration – Cables comprising fine wire tinned copper conductor and a silicon based insulation are apt for the requirement of baking appliances such as electric oven. The cores are also connected in parallel with a separating strip. These cables are halogen- free and are resistant to oil, alcohol, vegetable and animal fat and chemical substances.


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