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CAD on Tablet

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The app PadCad recommended by Kaizar Khuzaima Meer from Surat, India is initially free of charge and available for apples and androids as well.

After opening the app, the user gets immediately to its drawing interface. The colour of the interface’s background can be chosen between dark blue and white, and with or without a grid. The available tools are clearly arranged at the top of the screen. Besides tools for walls, doors, and windows, there are tools for free-form, staircases, measuring, labelling, and one for placing a photo at certain points in the drawing. There are also different furnishings available, or can be created individually. Of course, there are further features, but altogether the app is reduced to the essentials. Sadly, we missed any area tools, hatching tools, and the option to change colour settings.

After some time of trying and getting used to, the available tools can be operated easily. But even then some of the tools are relatively inaccurate. In the beginning we had our difficulties inserting windows accurately into the walls. We often had to zoom into the drawing for it, and even then controlling the objects became an ordeal. The size of an object can be defined to millimetre accuracy via submenus. Angles are no problem here. But if you want walls to blend into each other, your patience is tried again. Generally, the app’s user interface needs improvement. The accuracy in drawing by finger is unsatisfactory. But here the app offers help! The joystick tool enables even people with very big fingers to place single objects accurately.

After finishing a drawing, it can be saved or exported (in the full version) as PDF or DXF. Thus, it is possible to open a drawing, which was created on an IPad, in a CAD programme on a PC. Unfortunately, there is no import function, so every drawing has to be created on the tablet from the start.

What the app can do:

– CAD drawing offline, saving online

– Export drawings as PDF or DXF

– Save drawings on the tablet

– Embed photos and audio commentaries in a drawing

What it can’t do:

– Import, or edit imported drawings

– There are no area- or hatching tools, no changing of colour settings

– No opportunity to group objects

– No layers


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