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Case Study – Leonia Holistic Destination

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Client Requirements

Leonia’s prior existing network was flat in design, and their switches were unmanaged. Their vision was to build a world-class network infrastructure, with 100% IP-based applications, including:

  • Voice over IP (VoIP) to deliver digital telephony across the network working with an Internet Protocol Private Branch Exchange (IP PBX)
  • Streaming video available in all resort locations
  • WI-FI providing advanced wireless access around the resort
  • Security, including Biometric fingerprint and other solutions
  • Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) in the future
  • Unified communication system, with HTML integration on the VoIP phone
  • Online gaming capabilities

Leonia needed to connect 23 different locations to a central server room, and the network design was to be completely ring based. The requirements included high bandwidth, a 10 Gigabit backbone, fast convergence, and state of the art Quality of Service (QoS) features.

The Solution

Leonia’s new network utilizes the following advanced Allied Telesis products, providing a high performance comprehensive solution:

  • SwitchBlade x908 – Industry leading modular switches
  • x900-24XS – Advanced Layer 3 switches
  • AT-9424TS/XP – Layer 2 Gigabit switches
  • AT-8000s/48PoE – Layer 2 switches with Power over Ethernet (PoE)
  • AT- WA7400 – Wireless access points
  • AT-AR750S – Secure VPN routers

Highly-reliable ring network achieved by EPSR

The new network utilizes Allied Telesis Ethernet Protected Switched Ring (EPSR) technology, achieving maximum network bandwidth and resiliency.

EPSR is Allied Telesis’ flagship solution when there is a need for extremely fast failover between nodes in a resilient ring of switches. EPSR enables rings to recover within as little as 50ms, preventing a node or link failure from affecting the network, even when demanding applications are in use.

This high-speed next-generation network enables extremely fast data transmission of data, voice and video across the 10 gigabit backbone to the different locations around the resort. The new network is now high performing, easy to use, future-proof and secure.

Ethernet Protected Switched Ring (EPSR) EPSR provides extremely fast failover between the switches. EPSR enables rings to recover within as little as 50ms, preventing a node or link failure from affecting data transfer around the resort. These sophisticated high availability features ensure traffic flow continues even during outages, so Leonia’s systems always function reliably.

The new infrastructure will easily respond to any future changes, with ample bandwidth available. Leonia can add additional locations around the resort, as the high bandwidth infrastructure has plenty of room for growth.


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