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Case Study:Optimising Facility Management Services

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IBM TRIRIGA integrated workplace management system solution streamlines facility planning for Dow Chemical Company. The Dow Chemical Company is a USD60 billion enterprise composed of a worldwide network of 13 business units. Each operates their business autonomously, while receiving several core services from the centralized Dow Business Services Group that includes human resources, procurement, information technology, facilities management and more.

Although such a decentralized business structure has competitive advantages, it can also create challenges to setting and achieving enterprise-wide goals. For instance, Dow needed to meet the differing facility needs of its various businesses while also increasing office and lab space capacity use to 90% and improving capital planning, real estate lease management, operations, maintenance and energy consumption on a global basis.

At Dow, the Lab and Office Facilities Management (LOFM) group plays the lead role in driving these initiatives. LOFM provides facilities management services and solutions that support more than 20 million square feet of lab and administrative office space worldwide. In this capacity, LOFM engaged IBM Business Partner Computerized Facility Integration, LLC (CFI) to deploy the facilities space management capabilities of IBM® TRIRIGA® to track office and lab space usage among Dow businesses.

Since the Tririga facilities module was implemented in 2005, the narrow scope of the project began to broaden significantly. It became clear that an integrated workplace management system would be a critical enterprise-wide platform for improving operational, financial and environmental performance throughout the company’s real estate and facilities portfolio.

An individual would physically have to walk through the building and record who was occupying which space. The surveying process could take weeks, and that information could be two or three months old by the time it got to those who needed it.

With IBM Tririga, LOFM not only increased accountability for space usage across all Dow businesses, but also identified opportunities for better facility use and occupancy management throughout a recent, major restructuring of those businesses.

With the data available in Tririga, an individual can provide executive decision makers with up-to-date information instead of spending several weeks collecting it. The decisions stemming from such meetings, which are based on current and reliable data, have allowed the company realize a 20% increase in facility use and a savings of approximately USD4 million annually via space consolidation.

LOFM then engaged CFI to provide, configure and implement an expanded suite of IBM Tririga software products as the foundation of an IWMS solution. By deploying IBM TRIRIGA Capital Projects Manager and IBM Tririga Workplace Operations Manager software, LOFM is standardizing data management and business processes across capital projects and facility maintenance. It enables Dow to incorporate industry best practices and international data standards across its entire enterprise.

The company started with space management, but now are using a Tririga IWMS tool to analyze large-scale capital projects to a greater degree. Tririga Capital Projects Manager allows them to more easily plan three to five years forward, more accurately forecast comprehensive funding requirements and manage those projects much more effectively. With Tririga Workplace Operations Manager, they are improving their building asset management with better asset-condition tracking and reporting and preventive maintenance planning.

As for the near future, LOFM has just implemented IBM Tririga Real Estate Environmental Sustainability Manager module to analyze environmental performance of Dow facilities and reduce energy usage.

LOFM also has plans to implement IBM Tririga Connector for Esri Geographic Information System software to connect IBM TRIRIGA applications with the company’s existing ArcGis geographic information and mapping software, from IBM Business Partner, Esri. Integration of the two software systems will help determine the best areas for expansion.

IBM Tririga software helps LOFM and stakeholders in virtually every functional area throughout Dow access a single source of current, reliable intelligence to better service clients. It has transformed how they plan and manage projects and costs, and also achieve savings as a result.

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