Saturday , September 30 2023


Encapsulating Toxic Materials

George C. Keefe is the CEO & Founder of GLOBAL Encasement Inc. (GEI), an international, Pro-Planet corporation that provides green encasement solutions all over the world. Having experienced that at most jobsites, there was an overreaction to asbestos, he developed green encasement coating systems for application over asbestos and lead …

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Colour Styles 2014

In collaboration with eminent colour therapists and experts, Kansai Nerolac presents Colour Styles for the year 2014 with a focus on co-relation of colours to well-being Each of the colours in this edition of Colour Styles is represented with its impact on the body chakras and brings together a plethora …

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Emerging Trends

S Raheja Realty,a three generations real estate company in Mumbai has ventured into affordable housing in mini metros and tier II cities. Ram Raheja, Director, S Raheja Realty and an architect himself profiles how the residential development is progressing in India. The trends in the residential development cannot be generalized …

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Just Paint

Paint products have come a long way from being a plain lime wash to advanced Nano particle coatings.The new technologies in the paint industry are not only improving the performance and durability of the products but are also making them more environment friendly and even environment responsive, finds out Sapna Kulshrestha.

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Paints with Low-VOC key to Environmental Protection

As per government requirements and regulations most paint companies these days essentially have a “green product” in their product range. Several paint companies, at present, are adhering to the norms that are set by the International Environment Council. Environmental organizations such as the U S Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), South …

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Developing Green Paints

The ideal green chemistry focus is not an attempt to optimize one level of the system but to optimize the system itself. The overall target should be the continued enhancement of useful and profitable products while moving simultaneously on a carefully charted path to sustainability. Thus, green chemistry must move …

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