Sunday , November 27 2022
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One click solution to Smart Living

Gone are the days when important notices were pasted on the building’s notice board. is convenient and secure society maintenance software that helps residents tackle sticky management issues anytime, anywhere with instant access through phone or laptop. It helps residents receive the essential communication from society and notices as …

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CAD on Tablet

The app PadCad recommended by Kaizar Khuzaima Meer from Surat, India is initially free of charge and available for apples and androids as well. After opening the app, the user gets immediately to its drawing interface. The colour of the interface’s background can be chosen between dark blue and white, …

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Wall Panel – Dri-Design

Why DRI-DESIGN ? True Dry Joints: No sealants or gaskets means no maintenance legacy for the building owner, and no dirty streaks. Dri-design is Not Laminated, Nor a Composite: The panels will never de-laminate. Sustainability: Composite and foam panels can’t match dri-design for its environmental footprint. Fully Tested: Air, water, …

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Building Trust International Constructs Sustainable Housing in Cambodia

Building Trust International, in collaboration with Habitat for Humanity and Karuna Cambodia, has realized three winning designs from the 2013 Future of Sustainable Housing in Cambodia competition. Built on the outskirts of Phnom Penh, the constructed designs sought to provide impoverished Cambodians with new options for safe and secure homes …

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Merging Aesthetics & Safety in Interiors

Interior design is more than just the ambient enhancement of an interior space. There is now greater emphasis on safety aspect of interiors to protect building occupants and assets from man-made and natural hazards. Realizing the importance of combining safety strategies within the interior design systems and materials, Buildotech along …

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