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Plumbing design

Wastewater Aeration

Siemens Aeration Competence Center (ACC) offers a wide portfolio of turbocompressors for aeration needs in waste water treatment. Jan Olsen, Director at ACC – Siemens, Denmark speaks to Buildotech on the aeration technology and its scope in India. What is the aeration compressor technology? Aeration is the process by which …

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HDPE Pipes for Water Conservation

The excessive use of water both from surface and underground sources has led to a deficit in this natural resource. Various water-efficiency measures like low-flow fixtures, sensors and use of non-potable water for irrigation applications in commercial and residential buildings are already being used to reduce water waste. Apart from …

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Need of Codes and Standards

The plumbing and mechanical codes help protect the environment through safe plumbing and sanitation practices and also educate on water & air management and conservation of natural resources, says Lt. Gen (Retd) S. P. Sree Kumar, Director General, IAPMO India. The International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO) was …

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Savings Multiplied: Conserving Water and Energy

Water and energy are closely intertwined. Conserving one inevitably conserves the other. In fact, similar disciplines drive water and energy savings and help communities, businesses and households operate sustainably, say Jeffrey Van Ess, Municipal Utility Solutions Manager, Energy Solutions & Tricia Kuse Director of Strategic Marketing, Energy Solutions at Johnson Controls Inc.

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Effective Management of Greasy Wastewater

Many commercial and industrial food processing and production facilities generate Wastewater contaminated with animal and/or vegetable fats, oil and grease. This particularly applies to large scale kitchens in restaurants, hotels, staff canteens, employee kitchens and also abattoirs. Fats, Oils and Grease (FOGs) from these applications can cause pipe blockages, corrosion …

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