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Ceiling systems: Vital component of interior finishes

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Riedl Andreas, Director Sales Middle East, Asia Pacific, shares his thoughts on ceiling systems as an important component of interior finishes

How should a ceiling system be chosen for indoor use?

Ceiling for indoor uses is primarily chosen based on its function for acoustical requirement. Be it noise absorption to mitigate echo or sound insulation to preserve speech privacy, Knauf AMF has complete system solutions to meet these initial objectives and then subsequently the aesthetic consideration, customized performance such as hygiene & anti-bacteria, maintenance friendliness and robustness etc.

What functions do ceiling systems perform besides affecting the look and feel of a room?

Knauf AMF ceiling can contribute significantly to the safety and function of a building. For healthcare and clean environments, hygienic ceilings are specially developed to repel bacteria and are easy to clean.

Ceilings with impact resistance are designed to withstand wear and tear in high activity spaces, for example, in schools and sports halls. All Knauf AMF ceilings provide superior fire resistance to help prevent the spread of fire.

Ceilings contribute to the energy efficiency of a building. Ceilings with bright white surfaces offer high light reflectance and light diffusion which maximizes the use of natural daylight, producing the optimum conditions for a comfortable environment, reducing the need for artificial light.

All Knauf AMF ceilings offer outstanding sound absorption and sound insulation creating ideal for optimum speech intelligibility and creating a healthy acoustic environment.

  What are the different materials that ceilings are made of?

Knauf AMF offer products manufactured from metal, wood, mineral and soft fibre. Knauf AMF modular ceilings are manufactured using a variety of materials including wood-wool from certified PEFC and FSC forests; bio-soluble mineral wool, perlite, clay and starch which are natural, sustainable and renewable.

How to decide which ceiling material is right for your space?

The function and interior design of a space are the main drivers for determining the choice of material. A specifier will have an idea of the look and feel they want: whether it’s a white ceiling to create a minimalist look, a textured appearance to add depth to a design, or ceiling rafts or baffles for visual impact. Some environments have stringent performance requirements, for example, a hospital or swimming pool where the ceiling must perform specific functions with regard to humidity resistance and hygiene to ensure the space can operate successfully.

Based on your recent projects, can you highlight some of the trends in ceiling designs?

The biggest innovation is the choice of textures, colours, shapes and suspension systems that allow specifiers to create clever and visually appealing ceilings which satisfy demanding acoustic and other performance criteria.

There has been a strong uptrend of different hanging options for suspended ceilings which bring about a new aesthetical dimension to a space. Island Ceiling Rafts in different shape and curvature, and Linear Baffles are versatile products because they can fit in areas where a traditional suspended ceiling is not suitable, and create a 3-D design that is not boring and in fact eye-catching.

Knauf-AMF technology allows more Digital Printing on the Mineral Fiber Ceiling and Wall Absorber helps to create corporate and design identity without compensation to acoustic performance. Face Routing and thickness & size variants from Knauf-AMF range of Hera design Wood Wool also add another option that ID can adopt to achieve a very profound and highly restrictive design intent that differentiate one very distinctively.

Growing awareness of environmental issues and changes to building regulations have driven demand for ceiling products that are sustainable and can be recycled with ease. Knauf AMF has whole host of products that meet all types of challenging requirement while do not compromise on its acoustical performance.

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