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Ceilings with Sensibility

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As the pressures of modern day living increases so does the technology and its innovative solutions. That both these contrasting phenomena go hand in hand for every demand and complexity there will be a solution coming up sooner or later. While this has been the generic principle applicable to all domains of human activism, it has been practically proven in the domain of construction and space design. Each emerging technology had addressed one or more bothering issues in terms of structural material, methods or mechanisms to result in sensible solution to each of the periodical challenges. That the current age is of sustainability, the technology has brought to the fore products and systems that fill out the components of sustainability.

Towards meeting this sustainability objective, while business establishment and corporate edifices would have more or less structured, if not stereotyped, specs since each area would be defined by their decided function and design evolved by the same, it is the entertainment venues that differ from the rest. That their main function itself is entertainment which asks for a set of complex deliverables that are clearly different from office settings, these venues are always a challenge for the designers. For, an entertainment venue can be a mall, recreation centre, amusement park, auditorium complex, hotel, bar and restaurant, discotheque or multiplex cinema – each having a mix of diverse specs. More, the central atrium, foyers and lobbies of a mall, hotel or recreation centre may require to be a brightly-lit or naturally illuminated area while the ballroom of a hotel can be evenly illuminated and an auditorium or discotheque can be dimly-lit enclosure. What is common here, however, is the aural and visual comfort. This is exactly where the interior surface finish(es) of the space matter, with aural and visual reflective properties, and ceilings are certainly the betting material.

While there are solutions galore with different offerings, the most ideal solution that weds the sustainability factor into aural and visual comfort even as it accentuates the aesthetic appeal of the space are ‘white ceilings’ from Anutone.

Diverse in range, stunning in visuals, tested and proven in aural comforts, these white ceilings also serve two main purposes. One – that they are all white, they are highly light-reflective and therefore minimize the lighting requirement of any space thereby reducing the power consumption which, in other words, is saving on energy costs. Two – their reduced power consumption contributes to the green factor thereby improving the sustainability stake.

For the first time in India, Anutone has brought to industry what it popularized as ‘white modular ceilings,’ that does not include mineral fibre. These ceiling surface finishes are characterized by

  • Superior light reflectance upto 0.85
  • Large format upto 1200x1200mm
  • Concealed suspension options
  • Green products that win LEED credits
  • Great sound absorption upto NRC 0.95
  • Fast track install that integrates with other fixtures

Thanks to technology and focused market assessment and R&D, Anutone brings six different choices in white modular ceilings towards meeting diverse design innovations and meet any requirement thereof.

  • MAT Vin Vinyl Ceilings
  • Subtex Texture Ceilings
  • Belgravia Gypsum Ceilings
  • Serge Metal Ceilings
  • Strand Natural Ceilings

While these white modular ceilings are all-permeating in that they can be applied in offices, hotels, hospitals, education and auditorium, they will be particularly appealing with their visible aesthetics, invisible acoustics and underlying green factor in entertainment venues like malls, hotels, and auditorium complexes.

Just imagine a reception and a business centre in a star hotel, both are small but very critical in the holistic ambience due to their regular footfalls. These small spaces are given more volume with an open plenum and Subtex Carnival Floats discrete ceiling. Subtex provides a brilliant white surface to aid daylight views and also as a diffusive reflector for uplighting.

On the other hand, the banquet hall which is a money spinner for a hotel and works 24×7, can be a truly vibrant by virtue of its ceiling surface finish with a combination of Tufbloc primary ceiling and Pixel Smery secondary ceiling. While the primary ceiling keeps the noise and vibration within the space, the secondary ceiling offers a light texture surface painted brilliant white or to architect’s choice.

The ceiling surface even as it functions acoustically, is visually smooth and seamless and brilliant white in colour that is aesthetically appealing and lifght-reflective, thereby energy saving.

Towards supporting install of these ceiling systems, Anutone also offers choices in suspension systems with perimeter trims, transition trims, bulkheads, bandrasters and other accessories to ensure a one-stop, single source engineered solutions for complete ceilings.

Ceilings, thus are integral and indispensible part of an interior space design. With white modular ceilings, any space – particularly entertainment – gains not only visuals but also in economy.

Bhavanashi Ramakrishna,
The author is Editor
SoundSolutions a specialist magazine on acoustics and interiors

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