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Celebrating WAD

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Globally, the first Monday of October every year is celebrated as World Architecture Day. In India, WAD, as it is popularly known, was celebrated for the first time ever on October 8 at an event organised by White Flag in association with RAK Ceramics. Buildotech has been one of the media partners for the event, which saw a major gathering of architects, town planners, urban designers, builders, government bodies, bureaucrats and academicians across India converge at the venue.

The conference focused on Urban Design, Public Squares, Landscape Architecture, Public Art and Water Fronts. Architects K T Ravindran, Vikas Dilawari, P K Das and Christopher Charles spoke passionately about the degradation of urban design and the lack of public interactive spaces. While Architects Aniket Bhagwat, Bimal Patel and Rajiv Mishra gave examples of well planned cities, the importance of green connected unified spaces and the urbanism equation for architects. Architect Jurgen Mayer of Germany gave an interesting presentation on the Public squares of the 21st Century.


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