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China’s Solar Powered Office Complex

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With China being the world leader in solar cells, it is no surprise that it also has the largest solar powered office building in the world. Located in Dezhou in the Shangdong Province in northwest China, the 75,000sqm fan-shaped structure is a multi-use building and boasts exhibition centers, scientific research facilities, meeting rooms, and a hotel — all of which are solar powered. Its sun-dial influenced structure enables it to save 30% more energy than the national standard. Aside from the obvious sustainable nature of the solar panel – clad exterior, other green features include advanced roof and wall insulation practices resulting in an energy savings of 30% more than the national standard. In addition, the external structure of the building used a mere 1% of the amount of steel used to construct the Beijing Bird’s Nest. The solar-powered building was the main venue for the fourth World Solar City Congress.

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