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Cirrus Doccia Gamma

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Crystal Sanitary Fittings Pvt Ltd has launched Cirrus, an avant-garde range of showers and shower essential al s designed with European collaboration. Integrating lighting and chip programming into the world of showers, Cirrus offers the Indian bather, the delights of LED lights, Chromotherapy multi lighting as well as features like blue tooth music and phone audio in some of its models. Unlike European showers the Cirrus merchandise does not create a gigantic hole in your bath fittings budget. Cirrus Doccia Gamma showers are by Ark Rubinetterie.

Ark Rubinetterie products, while maintaining European style, grandeur and performance, have the resilience to bear out the tough Indian water conditions of varying water pressure and salinity. An ideal confluence of the two worlds, the Ark Rubinetterie product portfolio harbours inimitable sanitary fittings, showers and bath essentials.

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