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Coffee Shop made from salvaged and local materials

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Built along the side of ahighway, the SalvagedRing coffee shop in Nha Trang,Vietnam features a curved thatchroof that connects the roadwaywith the riverbank. The slopedroof helps soften the appearanceof the building in the landscapeand creates a visual connectionbetween the different elevations.Within the airy structure, acollection of tables and chairs ringaround a teardrop-shaped gardenlocated at the center of building.

To ensure that no newtrees would be cut down duringconstruction, the Vietnam basedarchitectural firm a21 studio,maximized the use of the availablescrap wood. Smaller pieces of thewood, for instance, were usedas louvers to mitigate solar heatgain or used to create decorativepatterns on the walls. Openingsthroughout the building providenatural ventilation and createan interesting play of light andshadow. The architects fittedthe locally sourced buildingmaterial together with traditionalmortise and tenon techniques.Furthermore, by using rock, andlocal coconut leaf and other livelymaterials, salvaged ring is filledwith harmony and native feelings.


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