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Committed to Innovative Technologies

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Avinash GautamBangalore based Silvan Innovation Labs is into home automation and energy management solutions for the real estate sector. Avinash Gautam, CEO of Silvan talks to Buildotech.

Special features of Silvan’s home automation systems

For the entrance management segment, we have CBELL, which is a Wi-Fi video door bell system that allows you to view and monitor the main door of your house. So, whenever someone is at your door, you will receive a call on your registered smart device, which allows you to view and communicate with them from wherever you are.

As for the security solutions, we have SECURE. With this you can control and monitor your home from anywhere, anytime. It can help detect gas leakage, fires, etc. The products can send notifications to your smart device, warning you of possible dangers at your home.

Committed to Innovative TechnologiesLife style solutions

There are three lifestyle solutions we have at the retail market. For the lifestyle solutions, we have CUBO, LUMOS and zPly. Initially, home automation was only for the high end customers, but things have changed drastically. To make life easy for our customers, we have also integrated our system with Amazon Echo where the customers can literally talk to the system to do certain things.

Initiatives on the sustainability front

Home Automation has a huge role to play in sustainable living initiative as it allows home-owners and societies to optimize the energy usage, thereby enabling a responsible and green living. By ensuring the appliances within the homes use only that much energy that is needed for a specific purpose and no more, the overall energy consumption in a Smart Home comes down by up to 30%.

Committed to Innovative Technologies1What are your products for retrofit homes?

Our consumer products CUBO, LUMOS, zPly, Secure and CBELL are completely wireless and are meant for retrofit homes. Keeping in mind the needs and aspirations of the home owners who are already living in a house, we have architected these products to work independently without depending on each other, but can be stitched together as an integrated system when more than one of them are bought. That way the home owner can get started with just something specific he or she wants, and then keep on augmenting the system as per their needs.

We ensure that our customers find our products easy to install and use, and for our business partners, it is very simple to work with us. We are taking our products and solutions to non-residential sector like Retail Chains, Banks, ATMs, hotels, etc. So far, we are carefully choosing those verticals where our existing technologies for home automation can be deployed with minimal tweak. We are not yet working on solutions which typically go in very large commercial buildings.

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